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Why trust the Palgad.ee salary survey?

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When reports from Palgad.ee will help you

Recruitment of new employees

  • Providing information on average wages and salary trends for various positions and industries.
  • Help in setting attractive and competitive salary offers for new employees.
  • Support of HR professionals in attracting qualified applicants for vacant positions.

Regular revision of salaries

  • Comparing salary levels in the industry and informing about the current salary structure by experience, education or company size.
  • Help in determining fair salary ranges for individual positions in the organization.
  • Ensuring that salaries correspond to current labor market trends and internal company policies.

Expansion into a new market

  • Providing comparative data on pay conditions and payment policies across regions and industries.
  • Help HR professionals set competitive salary strategies for a new market.
  • Adaptation to local conditions through information and analysis available at Palgad.ee.

Price list Palgad.ee | FOR COMPANIES

Salary report PRO

1 job for a year

99.00 EUR*

Access for 1 user

Content of the report:

  • Salary for the position by region, education, experience, company size, age
  • Distribution of respondents into wage bands
  • Wage range
  • A breakdown of all 16 monitored non-financial benefits
  • Providing financial benefits

Salary tool Unlimited

All positions for one year

990.00 EUR*

Access for an unlimited number of users

Everything in the Salary Report PRO plus:

  • Access to 1 country
  • Email and phone customer support

*The prices are displayed without 20% VAT

On-line Salary tool

Salary reports

The salary report provides a relevant source of information for HR specialists who need data for effectively setting the salary of a potential as well as a current employee.

The salary report contains:

  • salary for the position (by region, education, experience, company size, age, taking into account the industry)
  • the amount of individual wage components
  • non-financial benefits

Cumulative positions

Calculate the employee's salary from the roles they perform. Get an overview of wages in selected positions, the activities of which your employee performs. The region, industry, practice and size of the company are also taken into account.

Functions of the Salary Tool

Data accessibility

Thanks to the online solution people from the team have an unlimited access to the data

Regular comparison

Automatic quarterly comparison of employees' salaries with salaries on the market

Export of reports

If needed, the report can be generated or printed out in the PDF format or CSV

Clear data arrangement

The outputs from the tool are clear and easy to understand, which also our clients acknowledge

Data from people

The filled out questionnaires go through a strict check-up and cleansing of the data

Benefits overview

The tool also contains an overview of employees' financial and non-financial benefits

Salary report PRO for setting the salary

Detailed report for 1 position

Salary report is an appropriate source of information for HR professionals and for those who need relevant payroll information for both new recruits and existing employees.

Payroll includes the net salary by region, level of education, work experience or age, showing individual wage components and non-financial benefits.


99.00 EUR*

*The mentioned price is without VAT for a complex analysis of one selected position.

Clients experience with our methodology

Frequently asked questions about data collection methodology on Palgad.ee

Palgad.ee collects data directly from employees. Every employee has an intrinsic need to know if he or she is paid fairly, and hundreds of people compare their salaries on our website every day. In this way, we naturally obtain data from various employees from various types of companies, from small family businesses to large multinational corporations.

The survey methodology automatically detects extreme values from the very beginning. These are assessed in terms of position and region. Extreme values are detected and do not enter further calculations. Experience has shown that 10% of input data do not pass this filter.

The methodology is ready for that as well. When a survey participant fills in the questionnaire more than once, the system detects the duplicate record and ensures that only one questionnaire enters the resulting calculations. We are very strict about this; the statistics say that 20% of the input data are removed precisely because of this duplicate filter. Only adjusted data are entered into the final calculations from which the reports are performed.

We calculate salaries using quantile regression, which takes into account the relationships between positions, regions, company sizes, education, experience and age. The regression statistical model makes it possible to accurately estimate the amount of salary even with a low number of respondents in the desired sample if there are at least 50 valid completed questionnaires in its database. If we do not have such a number of data for the sample, the outputs are formed from data from the estimation model.

We compare our salary data with several sources, especially with salaries in job advertisements, but also with alternative suppliers of salary data.

The salary survey collects data continuously, 100-500 respondents are added to the survey every day. Each quarter, the regression and estimation models are recalculated, thus ensuring maximum timeliness of the data in our salary reports.

The list of job positions in the salary survey is based on the labor market and is constantly updated on the basis of suggestions from candidates and employers. The final list also reflects the number of employees in specific positions, as we take into account in particular the possibility of collecting a relevant amount of data. We avoid including very specific positions with a minimal presence on the labor market, as we could not guarantee the desired results. In such cases, we recommend looking for a more general or related position and taking into account the salary range.
Download the current list of positions assigned to individual areas of work. If you are missing a position in the list, contact us.

The client can purchase a Salary Report for a specific position or annual access to the Salary tool for selected countries. These services can also be combined. The price for the report and the tool depends on the selected country for which the service is ordered. Download the pricelist of Salary report and Salary tool (PDF) .

You can read about the entire salary survey methodology on a separate page How the Palgad.ee page works .
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